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Aviatrix Virtual Appliance for VMWare
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Features included in the Aviatrix Software


  • Loosely Coupled distributed architecture built from the ground up for AWS
  • REST API integration with native AWS services – VPC, EC2, S3, SQS, SNS, Route53 and CloudTrail
  • Runs in AWS VPC on all major instance types (T2, M3, C3)
  • Supports REST API for third party application integration
  • Supports all AWS and Azure regions


  • Fast Onboarding, minutes to configure and deploy.
  • Multiple AWS accounts or IAM accounts- notifications, billing alerts
  • Role based Access Control for Administrators and Operators
  • Supports 2FA log in capability to the controller
  • Notification for SW upgrades and new releases
  • In-line upgrades with zero downtime

Audit, Monitoring and Diagnostics

  • At a glance dashboard display of gateways, active VPN users and peering summary
  • Uniquely track and identify every VPN user’s resource access activity for audit purpose
  • Integrated with Elasticsearch on the controller for easy access to syslog information.
  • Supports Logstash and Splunk forwarder for remote logging.

Secure Remote Access to Public Cloud

  • Secure SSL Connections to AWS VPCs and Azure VNETs
  • Latest ciphers – AES-256-CBC, SHA512 with TLS1.2 auth.
  • Encrypted VPC Peering between VPCs across regions, AZs and AWS Accounts
  • Integrated NAT functions for Internet access from VPC instances
  • Split and Full Tunnel support
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – LDAP/AD, Google 2-Factor, Duo (Inc. push/Token) and Okta
  • User Management and Cert. Management
  • Broadest Open VPN Client Support – OSX, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks, iOS, Android
  • User Profile Based access control to instance, protocol and ports
  • Stateful Firewall at VPC level
  • No extra hop to access instances in different VPCs
  • AWS ELB based Load Balancing for scale and resiliency
Faster with Aviatrix
2 minutes
Hyatt Global
Aviatrix Deployment
2 minutes
Aviatrix Appearance
at AWS re:Invent 2016
15 minutes

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