Aviatrix Cloud-centric Mesh Architecture

Aviatrix makes hybrid cloud networking a simple 3-step process. By eliminating the need for traditional VPNs, removing CLI, and the need to go through a data center, enterprises can quickly and securely set up hybrid cloud networks. Setting up and tearing down secure site connectivity to public cloud VPCs is just a few clicks from an intuitive browser-based console. Read the latest architecture blog.


With Aviatrix, deploying a gateway in a virtual appliance or creating VPCs is just a few easy clicks. Instantly provision and configure your subnets with IP addressing and DNS. Save templates to make it even easier to replicate and automate cloud network creation.


Auto-discover your network resources in VPCs. Connect your enterprise data center to the VPCs in minutes. Peer your VPCs in different regions or even different cloud providers securely as per your access policies. Seamlessly connect your enterprise users to the cloud network with Aviatrix OpenVPN solution.


With Aviatrix, you can easily build private networks in public clouds in minutes with no new hardware to install. Use private IPs with full addressing between Enterprise sites, users and clouds. Enforce access with User Profiles and Multi-factor authentication. Manage traffic across your enterprise sites, network of VPCs, and users with policy based management.


Achieve scale out with native auto scaling by creating additional VPCs. On board and connect new sites securely and extend global policies to new resources.


Aviatrix gives us a single pane of glass management with a central controller to define global policy that is enforced locally by gateways in the data center or in the VPCs. Detailed access logs mapped to each cloud resource provides comprehensive audit and compliance support with troubleshooting tools.

Aviatrix Components

The Aviatrix solution consists of two components: the Aviatrix Gateway, which is deployed on-premises or in the cloud; and the Aviatrix Cloud Controller, which orchestrates and manages one or more Gateways.

Aviatrix Gateway

The Aviatrix Gateway is a cloud scale out and load balanced solution that allows direct VPN access to VPCs. Built for cloud deployments with multiple VPCs/VNets, the Gateway is architected to support a distributed cloud-based deployment across multiple regions. It can be installed on-premises or in the cloud to connect, manage, and secure cloud networks.

Benefits of the Aviatrix Gateway include:

  • Scale-out cloud VPN that auto scales to users and load
  • Multifactor authentication—Active Directory/LDAP, DUO, Google and Okta
  • Multi-region, multi-cloud encrypted peering
  • User profile-based access and consistent security policies
  • Deployed on-prem ESX/HyperV/ KVM or in AWS, Azure, and Google
  • Environmental stamping to create cloud networks at scale

Aviatrix Cloud Controller

The Aviatrix Cloud Controller is the central orchestration component used with the Gateways on-premises or in the cloud. The Controller centralizes cloud operations and management. It is the engine that allows for automated provisioning, logging and monitoring data analytics, and flexible volume-based licensing for cloud bursting.

Benefits of the Aviatrix Cloud Controller include:

  • Single pane of glass for orchestration and automation
  • Central orchestration and provisioning
  • Extensive access logging and monitoring for compliance and audit
  • Multi-region, multi-cloud encrypted peering
  • Flexible volume-based licensing to enable burst usage

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