Next Generation Cloud Native Networking

To keep up with rapid prototyping, continuous development and integration, enterprise IT organizations are transforming their traditional server deployment and maintenance functions to a more strategic role that handles the selection, integration, and delivery of IT services for the cloud.

Cloud-defined networking — an easy way to network across the multi-cloud, whether it’s Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud platform — is gaining fast momentum as a preferred way to deploy and manage cloud native networks comprised of VPCs, VNETs and Subnets.

This whitepaper explores the choices of cloud native deployment and solution details for different application development and devops:

  • How can companies extend their private datacenter to the cloud and expand their cloud footprint quickly and efficiently, without compromising the security or business continuity?
  • Is there a way to ensure security for connections to cloud instances, datacenters, and everything that users access?
  • How can cloud challenges like network interoperability and performance be solved?

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