Encryption over Private Links

The Problem

As enterprises adopt hybrid cloud architecture, AWS and Azure provide dedicated connectivity to their cloud using DirectConnect and ExpressRoute. The connection is reliable, has faster speeds with lower latency and increased security compared to connections over the internet.

While Azure ExpressRoute or AWS DirectConnect provide a private high bandwidth link between customers on premise network and Azure VNETs or AWS VPC’s without going through Internet, packets between on premise edge and VNET or VPC travel through exchange points and third party provider networks are not encrypted.

Often, for Enterprises encryption is a requirement for security and compliance reasons. Azure VPN gateway or AWS VPC gateway when configured for ExpressRoute or DirectConnect cannot perform encryption in tandem. Enterprises offload the encryption function to the edge devices for additional security. Adding additional hardware devices can be expensive and the configuration can be difficult and error prone.

The Aviatrix Solution

Aviatrix provides a unique and powerful solution to enable high performance encryption on top of an established ExpressRoute or DirectConnect link between Azure VNETs or Amazon VPCs and customer site.

With Aviatrix solution, an encrypted IPSec tunnel is established between Aviatrix gateway and customer’s edge router or Aviatrix Virtual Appliance over an established ExpressRoute or DirectConnect connection. Aviatrix gateway can be deployed for redundancy where a backup gateway is ready to take over should the primary IPsec tunnel go down due to primary gateway failure.

Take a closer look at Aviatrix hybrid cloud solutions.

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