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Aviatrix Secure Edge on Megaport's global network

Aviatrix and Megaport

Aviatrix Secure Edge in Megaport Virtual Edge provides enterprises with a robust solution for managing hybrid and multi-cloud network connectivity. By leveraging Megaport’s global network and Aviatrix’s secure cloud networking solutions, businesses can achieve rapid on-demand connectivity, end-to-end encryption, and high resiliency across their network backbone.


The solution simplifies network management through a unified control plane, supports network automation with Terraform, and helps ensure full lifecycle management. It addresses the challenges of fragmented architectures, complex routing, and security requirements, offering a consistent, high-performance, and secure network fabric across various environments.

aviatrix and megaport logos


Simplified hybrid, multi-cloud networking solution

The Aviatrix Cloud networking solution, combined with high-speed Megaport fabric, significantly simplifies the deployment and management of hybrid and multi-cloud networks.

Enhanced security

Aviatrix’s end-to-end encryption and distributed cloud firewall with centralized policy enforcement ensure robust security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Increased visibility

Complete network traffic visibility and granular control across environments help businesses monitor and manage their networks effectively with reduced MTTR.

Optimize hybrid and multi-cloud networking costs

The solution provides significant cost savings leveraging Aviatrix high-speed encrypted connections as compared to other 3rd party and/or MACSec implementations.

Validated design accelerates cloud adoption

Validated design simplifies cloud deployments and consumption to accelerate innovation and increase business value.

Why customers love it:

Aviatrix Edge on Megaport Virtual Edge is the only multicloud native platform with enterprise-grade visibility and control. You can expect to gain:

  • Simplified edge onboarding and edge management
  • Accelerated hybrid connectivity with option for end-to-end encryption
  • Global cloud networking expansion


Megaport-MVE---Cloud-cloud diagram

Become the cloud networking hero of your business.

See how Aviatrix can increase security and resiliency while minimizing cost, skills gap, and deployment time.