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Aviatrix Named Leader in 2022 Futuriom Secure Multicloud Networking Report

Multicloud Networking Pioneer Recognized for its Customer and Revenue Traction and Comprehensive Feature Set as Demand Skyrockets


Santa Clara, Calif., October 12, 2022 – Aviatrix, the pioneer of Intelligent Cloud Networking™, today announced it has been named a leader in Futuriom’s 2022 Secure Multicloud Networking Report. Aviatrix was recognized for its customer and revenue traction, and for having the broadest platform and largest feature set of any multicloud networking vendor.


“The evolving demand for hybrid and multicloud integration is driving another great wave of cloud networking – bringing networking into hybrid and multicloud environments,” said Scott Raynovich, Founder and Chief Analyst, Futuriom. “Virtually every company is running multiple clouds today. Networking is a critical but up until recently neglected aspect of the multicloud journey. Organizations need a single, software-defined solution for managing all their disparate infrastructure. Aviatrix was first to this recognize this challenge and has the most comprehensive solution as evidenced by its significant market traction.”


Demand for Multicloud Networking (MCN) solutions is on the rise as companies recognize MCN as a critical utility for adopting hybrid and multicloud strategies. According to Futuriom’s findings, 80% of those surveyed are using at least two clouds and 81% expect MCN to help simplify or accelerate multicloud or hybrid cloud adoption. However respondents identified a major gap in networking technology, indicating that they don’t see traditional networking tools as real, programmable, cloud-native solutions for managing diverse infrastructure. With organizations embracing multicloud resources, including both public and private clouds, there is a need to connect public and private cloud resources via a single, software-defined approach. Enterprises need a MCN platform that can function as a single logical network.


Seventy-six percent of respondents believe that true cloud-native MCN solutions can help improve security, visibility, and governance of the networking infrastructure. Specifically, respondents expect MCN to:

  • Provide more rapid automation of network connectivity into, within, and among clouds
  • Help network and IT managers streamline security operations
  • Drive broad visibility into cloud application performance and usage
  • Help IT and networking staff manage cloud cost and performance


The report notes that the established startups own the competitive edge in this developing market. Aviatrix is recognized as the most established company with significant customer and revenue traction, boasting contracts with more than 60 of the Fortune 500. Aviatrix abstracts away the technical complexity of cloud native technology and delivers a consistent platform for advanced networking services on any and every cloud. Futuriom scores Aviatrix as having the most complete feature set, appealing particularly to large enterprises that need to build and control their own complex networks.


“Enterprises are moving to the cloud, but basic networking and network security services from the cloud service providers to enable this adoption are not adequate for business-critical applications,” said Steve Mullaney, President and CEO, Aviatrix. “Enterprise multicloud networking requires a single platform that connects all diverse workloads, providing visibility and consistency across the entire network. Futuriom understands this trend, and Aviatrix’s value proposition as the leader in the market.”


To download the full report visit For more information on Aviatrix visit


About Aviatrix

Aviatrix, the pioneer of Intelligent Cloud Networking™, delivers advanced cloud networking, network security, and operational visibility required by enterprises with cloud-native simplicity and automation. More than 500 customers worldwide, including 60+ of the Fortune 500, leverage Aviatrix and its proven multicloud network reference architecture to design, deploy, and operate a repeatable network and security architecture that is consistent across any public cloud. Combined with the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) program, the industry’s first and only multicloud networking certification, Aviatrix is empowering IT to lead and accelerate the transformation to the cloud. Learn more at