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  1. Closing the Cloud Networking Skills Gap with Advanced Cloud Services

    Enterprise mass migration to the cloud has created a growing demand for skilled cloud networking professionals. This has resulted in a general talent shortage, and a critical skills gap for enterprises attempting to design and implement future-proof cloud networking architectures. Enterprises have migrated to public clouds en masse, driven by the competitive mandate for business…


  2. 6 Things Top-Performing Cloud Networking Teams Do Differently

    Has your organization been making do with a cloud network that’s adequate, but not excellent? Maybe you’re putting up with tedious administration workflows, or your developers get impatient when it takes days to make changes, or your C-suite is asking questions about usage and performance that you have a hard time answering in depth.  If…


  3. Rethinking the Complexity of Cloud Architecture

    In isolation, a cloud environment can appear to be fairly simple—one provider, one flavor of server, one data center, one control interface, one set of native tools, one learning curve.  Focusing on networking, as you peel the top CSP marketing lens and look at the constructs you get, all of them are individual pieces of…


  4. So, You Want to Be a Cloud Engineer?

    First Things First: Background Knowledge and Skills Cloud computing has come to dominate the enterprise space because it abstracts away much of the messy business of installing, preparing, managing, and maintaining hardware.  Until recently, enterprises maintained private data centers, which were serviced by dedicated teams of operators. Now, an increasing number of enterprises are migrating…


  5. What’s Your Multi-Cloud Strategy? Part 2

    Some considerations when planning your answer to the question, “What’s your multi-cloud strategy?” Last week, we shared Part 1 of “What’s your multi-cloud strategy?” In that article, we discussed why it is important to start planning your response to this anxiety-provoking question. Today, we’ve got some tips on how to approach this challenge, and some…


  6. What’s Your Multi-Cloud Strategy? Part 1

    Why you need an answer to the question, “What’s your multi-cloud strategy?” Here’s the scenario: Your CTO/CIO walks into your workspace and casually announces, “So… at the E-staff offsite last week, we agreed we need to have a multi-cloud plan. Or you’re told, “We’re shutting down the data center in three months. We have 200…


  7. 2022: Bringing Visibility to a Cloudy Future

    If your head is in the clouds—and you know what we mean—you are our people!  Yes, we’re talking to all you networking and cloud architects, engineers, programmers and developers—all you pros committed to accelerating digital and business transformation for your enterprise … and your career.  We’re launching a new series—The Cloud Pragmatist—designed to help you…

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  8. Aviatrix Google Cloud Networking Connectivity Center Integrated Solution

    Aviatrix, a Google Cloud Technology Partner, is a leader in solving customers’ complex networking, security, visibility, and multi-cloud needs. Built upon the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform, Aviatrix products integrate with several Google Cloud APIs and services, enabling customers to launch, control, and interact with Google Cloud services while delivering networking security and operational visibility across Google…

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  9. Agility is now “mission-critical”

    Mission-critical. That’s how we’ve referred to the vital functioning of applications, hardware, software, programming, networking, and overall infrastructure for as long as we can remember. The reason? When business applications or systems go down, businesses lose revenue and become vulnerable to security breaches. Traditionally speaking, mission-critical has meant delivering system reliability, availability, and security to…


  10. You’ll only be in a single cloud . . . right up until you’re not

    The next great computing transformation is upon us, and it’s hard to fathom the magnitude of what will happen in the next five to 10 years. The move from mainframe to client servers dominated the last 30 years of infrastructure. But the cloud transformation will feel 10 times bigger and a thousand times faster—faster because…