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  1. Cloud Network Security Challenges During Cloud Migration

    The great cloud migration is well underway. According to the Gartner Predicts 2022 report series, “more than 75% of organizations use multiple public cloud services today, and have plans to expand.” For some, single-cloud architectures may be sufficient in the short term, but sooner or later, most realize their selected cloud service provider does not…


  2. [Infographic] 7 Components for Secure Cloud Networking

    Keep this infographic handy as a quick reminder of the must-have components you need to protect your multi-cloud infrastructure. 1. End-to-End Encryption High-performance, end-to-end encryption between VPCs/VNets and between clouds, meeting or exceeding corporate and regulatory requirements. 2. Multi-Cloud Network Service Insertion Secure point-of-access for network and security services such as next-generation firewalls, IDS/IPS and…


  3. 2022: Bringing Visibility to a Cloudy Future

    If your head is in the clouds—and you know what we mean—you are our people!  Yes, we’re talking to all you networking and cloud architects, engineers, programmers and developers—all you pros committed to accelerating digital and business transformation for your enterprise … and your career.  We’re launching a new series—The Cloud Pragmatist—designed to help you…

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  4. How secure is your multi-cloud infrastructure?

    Use our checklist to find the answer With the enterprise’s increasing needs for agility, flexibility, and cost-effective scalability, many organizations are turning to multi-cloud networking. However, not all are following the right strategies to secure their multi-cloud environments. Multi-cloud networks are more complex and diverse than on-premises architectures and have more attack surfaces for bad…

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  5. Have you been compromised by the Apache Log4j vulnerability?

    The simple truth is you might not even know if you have been compromised by the recently disclosed Log4j vulnerability. Java is at the heart of your everyday life. I’m not talking about coffee, but rather the programming language from circa 1996. You will find it in use from Cloud Providers to Mac and Windows…


  6. Security Is Up to You: When It Comes to Cloud Security, Don’t Rely on Your CSP

    The data out there about cloud security is grim. Even the security providers are being hacked. The FireEye breach was huge, and the SolarWinds cyber intrusion was a highly advanced, backdoor attack. Check Point Software Technologies recently released an interesting study where they planted a “honeypot” in the cloud for seven days. In that brief…

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  7. How Can You Own Network Security When You Don’t Own the Network?

    In today’s multi-cloud world, companies struggle to manage data exfiltration and malicious traffic across cloud service providers (CSPs).   Enterprises have limited control, visibility, and network security across multi-cloud deployments. Bad actors across the globe are using new methods to evade traditional network security measures. Data exfiltration and botnet operations may not be countered effectively due to traffic funneled through security choke points or third-party appliances serving as choke points. Furthermore,…


  8. Ensuring compliance and alignment with regulators when data is moved or consumed in and out of public cloud

    Q. I was recently asked the question how is Aviatrix supporting its customers in ensuring compliance and alignment with regulators when data is moved or consumed in and out of public cloud? A. The challenges being faced in keeping aligned with industry regulations and country laws and best practices when moving workloads to the cloud…

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  9. Aviatrix builds on existing AWS relationship, with Service Ready solutions for the new AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB)

    Aviatrix, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner, is a leader in solving enterprise customers’ complex networking, security, visibility and multi-cloud needs. Built upon the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform, Aviatrix products integrate with a number of AWS APIs and services, enabling customers to centrally launch, control and interact with AWS services while delivering network security…

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