Distributed Cloud Firewall

Network Security Architected for Cloud



The Distributed Cloud Firewall is redefining network security for cloud. It distributes inspection and policy enforcement into the natural path of application traffic, eliminating the need to redirect traffic to centralized firewalls or other network security services. This solution improves network security, scalability, and agility while reducing costs for any single or multicloud environment.  

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With Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall, a centralized, programmable interface creates policies wherever required across any multicloud environment. Cloud-aware policy creation is simpler and streamlined, leveraging dynamic cloud workload identity tags and attributes instead of static IP addresses. It also abstracts how and where policies are enforced by programmatically configuring native cloud services where required. View this short video to learn more.

“We’re coming to the table saying you don’t need that high-cost NAT gateway. We are showing them how they can save money. It is really giving them visibility, understanding and awareness.”  – John Bristol, Enterprise Vision Technologies

Aviatrix’s New Distributed Cloud Firewall Is Saving One AWS Customer $6M A Year

Enterprise Benefits

Key Benefits

The cloud is perimeterless, agile, dynamic and scale-out by design. Network security must follow. It must be distributed and embedded into the network to deliver a true zero-trust, agile environment. Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall changes the cloud security game for our customers and saves a lot of money.

Reduce Costs

Why AWS recommends that customers replace NAT Gateways with Aviatrix.

Webinar: Cut NAT Gateway Costs

Increase Security

Learn how to reduce costs while adding egress security.

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Replace Last Gen Firewalls

Increase automation and agility and reduce costs, MTTR, and complexity.

Tech Talk: Benefits of a Distributed Cloud

Networking and Security Competency

Learn how Aviatrix Secure Cloud Networking enhances AWS security. Aviatrix is one of the few partners with both AWS networking and security competencies.

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Networking Security Competency

Replace NAT Gateway

Save Money Immediately.

Cost Optimization

Eliminate unnecessary throughput costs, especially for high traffic volumes or where multiple NAT Gateways are required.

Control and Visibility

Implement secure egress filtering and security policies, and monitor traffic to reduce costs while improving security posture and compliance.

Multicloud Environments

Embedded security provides consistency across multiple clouds and reduces complexity with centralized management.

Close the Solution Gap with Embedded Security

The ideal solution for secure egress in cloud needs to provide enterprise-class security and threat detection with a simple-to-deploy, manage, and scalable solution that enables agile frameworks. It should also embed security into the entire network by default without disrupting or impacting your existing architecture.

The Challenge

Cloud-native NAT solutions do not offer application visibility or threat detection. This creates a gap in visibility, increasing risk for cloud operations and security teams. Without an embedded secure egress solution, your cloud applications can talk to malicious endpoints or even steal your data over the Internet, and you would never know it.

The Solution

Aviatrix Secure Egress provides visibility and centralized control over Internet-bound traffic across AWS, Azure, and GCP. It detects and blocks threats and restricts outbound communication to Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) based on allow and deny lists while also performing geo-blocking and stateful firewalling. This helps you meet corporate or regulatory compliance, such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOC 2.

Introducing Secure Cloud Networking from Aviatrix.

  • Step 1. Explore cost savings by replacing NAT Gateways.
  • Step 2. Eliminate costly NAT Gateways with Aviatrix.
  • Step 3. Save on average 25% of cloud costs.
  • Step 4. Enhance security posture (while reducing costs).
  • Step 5. Get promoted.

As a one-to-one replacement for NAT Gateways or virtual firewalls (or both), it can be deployed at a far lower cost and features fixed monthly billing.

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The Distributed Cloud Firewall

Save Money. Better Security.

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This is more ‘cloud native’ than native cloud firewalls. It’s a game changer for us. Aviatrix’s policy creation interface is novel and built for cloud, it abstracts multicloud differences and uses cloud native tags and attributes to define policies.

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