Jefferies Financial Group

Jefferies Financial Group

Jefferies is a diversified financial services company engaged in investment banking and capital markets, asset management and direct investing. Jefferies Group offers a full range of investment banking, equities, fixed income, asset and wealth management products and services.

From an IT perspective, Jefferies leverages a combination of on-premise data centers and AWS global cloud infrastructure.

Customer Challenges and Requirements

Jefferies network engineering team felt they were behind the curve on moving to the cloud. However, with a cloud-native networking architectural approach to their move to the cloud, they are not just connecting to the cloud, they are built into the cloud giving them the visibility and control they needed. Now, the team feels they are actually ahead of their peers. The Jefferies team tried two different traditional cloud-naïve data center vendor products, working to get them operational in the cloud for weeks, with no success. Then they found Aviatrix and were able to bring up the Aviatrix cloud-native transit networking orchestration and deploy VPCs in AWS in a matter of minutes.

Key Requirements:

  • Simple orchestration, visibility and control for AWS transit networking
  • VPC network segmentation
  • Support for Palo Alto Network VM-Series Firewalls
  • Auto-scale solution for firewalls that is cloud-network aware
  • Network engineering cannot be the bottleneck to application deployment
  • Create simplicity rather than manage complexity
  • Multilingual, speaking bot cloud-native language and traditional on-premise languages, e.g. BGP
  • Key tenants for network engineering – simplicity, visibility, visibility and visibility.


Aviatrix cloud-native networking architecture enabled Jefferies to deploy and automate the orchestration of their AWS transit network. Additionally, Aviatrix overcame several significant compromises AWS native constructs introduced when connecting their Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Firewalls to the AWS transit gateway, resulting in a 10x performance increase and ability to maintain source address visibility.

  • Aviatrix cloud-native networking for AWS transit networking
  • Aviatrix Intelligent Orchestration and Control to deliver global visibility and monitoring
  • Aviatrix architecture enables roadmap to multi-cloud application environments
  • Palo Alto Network partnership and API integration allowed solutions to be delivered much faster

Key Results

From a business perspective, Aviatrix cloud-native networking helps Jefferies deliver a high-quality customer experience with less downtime.  Architecturally and operationally, the Jefferies team has been able to increase network visibility, giving them the ability to troubleshoot much faster. The network team has extended that visibility application developers, streamlining app delivery by getting out of he way.

  • Cloud networking visibility and control
  • Simplified AWS Transit Gateway Orchestration
  • Automated route propagation
  • Simplified scalable deployment of Palo Alto Network VM-Series firewalls
  • Existing team was easily trained to perform operations, no new specifically skilled employees