Epsilon is a leader in interaction management. A subsidiary of French multinational advertising and public relations company Publicis Groupe, Epsilon empowers brands to transform ordinary customer experiences into meaningful, human experiences. Epsilon’s connected suite of products and services combine leading-edge identity management, industrial strength data and technology expertise with big brand acumen gained over five decades working with the industry’s top brands.

From an IT perspective, Epsilon leverages a combination of on-premise data centers and AWS global cloud infrastructure.

Customer Challenges and Requirements

Epsilon has customers and sites around the world and dedicated application environments for customers in on-premise data centers and in AWS cloud VPCs. With over 1,800 connections between VPCs, manual operation is simply not possible.  Epsilon tried a cloud-naïve virtual router from a traditional networking vendor, but after suffering operational complexity, visibility and security challenges, it was clear they needed a different approach.

Key requirements

  • Simple orchestration, visibility and control for AWS transit networking
  • VPN encryption for all connections from on-premise resources to VPC-based applications
  • SAML Authentication with profile-based access control
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Remote access privileges based on cloud-network destinations, host IP addresses, protocols and ports.
  • User connection history and bandwidth usage logging.
  • Integration with existing reporting tools.
  • Key tenants for global operations – simplicity, automation, visibility and control.


Aviatrix cloud-native networking architecture enables Epsilon to deploy and automate orchestration of their global transit network. The Aviatrix cloud-native approach allows Epsilon to leverage native AWS network constructs while adding the automation, visibility and control they needed from a global transit network solution.

  • Aviatrix cloud-native networking for AWS global transit network
  • Aviatrix Intelligent Orchestration and Control to deliver global visibility and monitoring
  • Aviatrix secure site-to-cloud solution for encrypted for connectivity between on-premise and AWS-based application environments
  • Aviatrix client-based SAML authentication solution for multi-cloud, profile-based remote user access control
  • Support for multi-factor authentication


From a business perspective, Aviatrix cloud-native networking across Epsilon’s application infrastructure has enabled Epsilon to focus on customers and revenue generating tasks, rather than manual tasks related to setting up customer services.  Architecturally and operationally, the Epsilon team dramatically reduced operational costs of deployment and day-two operations using Aviatrix’s touch-less provisioning and automation to simplify on-boarding new customer environments, with the cloud-networking visibility and operational control they were looking for.

  • Automated the on-boarding of clients
  • Secure communications between Amazon VPCs and on-premises resources.
  • Increased visibility into network health, with performance metrics available on each link
  • Reduced application latency by cutting down on the number of hubs and fault domains Epsilon services have to transit through to reach application-resources
  • Established multi-factor authentication, now standard across the company
  • Existing team was easily trained to perform operations, no new specifically skilled employees