Steve Mullaney teams up with innovative cloud architects and executives for an entertaining and in-depth look into the future of enterprise infrastructure in the cloud.

Episode 5: Yara International

Special Guest: David Van Damme
Director, DevOps and Infrastructure

In Episode #5, Steve and David will discuss how Yara’s mission to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet impacts their technology strategy. David will talk about how agriculture is changing, Yara’s role in that change and how distributed cloud is a key enabler for the tech strategy underpinning that transition. Operating in multi-clouds is not an easy task for internal teams, in fact it’s quite challenging – find out how Yara overcame these cloud networking obstacles.

Episode 4: Republic Airways

Special Guest: Jeff Duke
Sr. Network Engineer at Republic Airways

In Episode #4, Steve Mullaney, Aviatrix CEO, hosts Jeff Duke of Republic Airways to discuss how transformation to multi-cloud is becoming essential for every organization. Enterprises expect their network to deliver cloud simplicity and agility, combined with enterprise-class operations and security. Jeff and Steve will also discuss how an organization's operational needs for visibility and control are redefining relationships with cloud providers.

Episode 3: KPMG and Raytheon

Special Guests: Michael Briseno, Associate Director of Cloud Architecture & Engineering, at Raytheon Technologies and Erik de Rooij, Lead Cloud Architect, at KPMG

In Episode #3, Steve Mullaney, Aviatrix CEO, hosts Michael Briseno of Raytheon and Erik de Rooij of KPMG, to discuss how the role of Cloud Network Architect is evolving to be both tech and business savvy. The guests will also talk about best practices, collaborating with multiple business groups, and how overall they’ve become an “internal consultant” for their respective organizations.

Episode 2: NI

Special Guest: Luis Castillo
Sr. Manager Architecture Information Technology at NI

In Episode #2, Steve Mullaney, Aviatrix CEO, hosts Luis Castillo at NI (formerly National Instruments) to discuss how multi-cloud optionality along with NI’s enterprise network and security requirements led NI to the Aviatrix cloud network platform. NI is a provider of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software, and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Episode 1: Splunk Cloud

Special Guest: Dr. Michael Weber
Sr. Manager Network Engineering at Splunk Cloud

In Episode #1, Steve Mullaney, Aviatrix CEO, hosts Dr. Michael Weber at Splunk Cloud to discuss how and why Aviatrix has become strategic infrastructure for Splunk Cloud