InterContinental Hotels Group or IHG, is a British multinational hospitality company headquartered in Denham, Buckinghamshire, England. IHG manages over 850,000 guest rooms in 5,656 hotels across 100 countries. 

IHG brands including InterContinental, Regent Hotels, Six Senses Hotels, Kimpton Hotels and Resorts, Hualuxe, Crowne Plaza, Voco Hotels, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn club vacations, Avid, Candlewood Suites, EVEN Hotels, and Staybridge Suites. 

 From an IT perspective IHG has existing physical data centers and a significant presence in AWS. IHG has deployed cloud resources in multiple regions and Aviatrix multi-cloud networking is a key part of their IT digital transformation strategy.  

Customer Challenges and Requirements

IHG knew they needed to rethink their IT architecture to overcome multi-cloud complexities. They needed an architecture that would support significant global expansion. They needed a solution that would improve internal productivity and that delivered the simplicity, automation they expected from cloud, but also the visibility and control they were used to on-premises. 

 Key requirements: 

  • Leverage public cloud (AWS, GCP), but have a common control plane for across their entire multi-cloud network.
  • A scalable, lobal multi-cloud network architecture that includes GCP and multiple AWS regions.
  • Eliminate complexities and increase operational productivity.
  • Key tenants for global operations – simplicity, automation, visibility, and control. 


IHG implemented Aviatrix software for VPCtoVPC transit network connectivity across AWS and GCP to create an enterprise cloud-network backbone as a software overlay, without hair pinning through their on-premises Datacenter.  The IHG team developed an architecture that included: 

  • Aviatrix Transit Gateway for an encrypted VPCtoVPC connection between AWS and GCP
  • Aviatrix Transit Gateway for an encrypted multi-region connectivity in AWS.
  • Aviatrix Firewall Network for Check Point CloudGuard firewalls.
  • Aviatrix cloud-native multi-cloud transit networking for automated route propagation.
  • Aviatrix intelligent orchestration and control to deliver global visibility and monitoring.
  • Scalable and secure cloud networking using Aviatrix cloudnative software.
  • Aviatrix secure site-to-cloud solution for secure connectivity between IHG data centers and AWS. 

Key Results

From a business perspective, IHG was able to significantly improve operational productivity and simplify their multi-cloud environment by deploying Aviatrix cloud-native networking and security solutions. The IHG team leverages the Aviatrix controller to create common control and data planes across their multi-cloud network. 

  • Scalable, end-to-end encrypted connectivity from hotel properties to AWS. 
  • Simplified day-two cloud-network operational visibility and troubleshooting 
  • On-demand network new property onboarding in minutes 
  • High performance and the best scale-out architecture for Check Point CloudGuard firewalls.