Nu Skin

Nu Skin

Nu Skin Enterprises is an American multilevel marketing company that develops and sells personal care products and dietary supplements under its Nu Skin and Pharmanex brands. Nu Skin was founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah. It develops and sells more than 200 personal care productsNu Skin markets its products in 54 markets through a network of approximately 1.2 million independent distributors. 

Nu Skin has an advanced cloud deployment in AWS. They are on the cutting edge of transit networking and leverage AWS Transit Gateway at scale, with the help of Aviatrix Transit Gateway orchestration software. Additionally, Nu Skin needs  a high-speed connection to their on-premises environments and they use Aviatrix to help meet the necessary encryption and throughput requirements via Aviatrix High Performance Encryption capabilities. 

Customer Challenges and Requirements

Early in the evaluation process it was clear that Nu Skin needed a scalable, elastic network architecture that would support transitive networking and meet the encrypted throughput requirements put in place for regulatory compliance. 

Key requirements: 

  • Reduce the complexity of deploying native AWS Transit Gateways at scale. 
  • Simplify management and visibility of cloud networking and security.
  • Meet security compliance requirements: 
    • Zero trust and “white list” communication between VPCs. 
    • Secure VPC egress, filtering legitimate domains from illegitimate connection requests. 
  • Improve the throughput of encrypted on-premises data center-tocloud connection. 


Nu Skin leverages Aviatrix and AWS to managesecure, scale, and monitor both the native cloud network as well as its communication to and from on-premises workloads. 

  • Aviatrix cloud-native networking for hybrid cloud architecture with AWS.
  • Aviatrix Intelligent Orchestration and Control to deliver global visibilitymonitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Aviatrix Transit Gateway Orchestrator to simplify, abstract and extend the AWS Transit Gateway service at scale and provide secure VPC segmentation by policy.
  • Aviatrix Gateway software to overcome the 100 routes limit for AWS routing tables.
  • Aviatrix Secure Egress with centralized management of policies, which blocks all outbound internet traffic except whitelisted domain names (FQDN).
  • Aviatrix secure site-to-cloud solution for encrypted site-to-cloud to AWS cloud-based resources.
  • Aviatrix bilingual, cloud-native automation for a simplified way to ensure that on-premises routes are accurately propagated to spoke VPCs, and vice-versa
  • Aviatrix Firewall Network enables roadmap to bringing Nu Skin’s IT governance to AWS, with a simplified deployment model for Palo Alto Networks VM-series firewalls, delivering a 10x throughput increase and eliminating SNAT requirement. 

Key Results

Aviatrix Transit Gateway Orchestration capabilities dramatically reduce the level of effort and total cost of ownership of a transitive networking architecture in AWS. Nu Skin no longer has to dedicate resources to manual, error prone route propagation. These tasks are now automated through Aviatrix, allowing Nu Skin to focus on innovation instead of administration. Additionally, their encryption and throughput requirements will never be an issue when running Aviatrix high-performance encryption.