Verint Systems is a Melville, New-York-based global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions. Verint’s comprehensive portfolio of Actionable Intelligence solutions turns structured and unstructured information into insights by leveraging machine learning technology and advanced analytics. Over 10,000 organizations in more than 180 countries, use Verint solutions to power their customer engagement and cyber intelligence operations. 

Verint’s cloud team has started to move its Recorder app to AWS. They expect huge growth in on-boarding their customers to cloud and also planning to add Azure for retail and healthcare customers. 

Customer Challenges and Requirements

Verint cloud team faced three-fold primary challenges. First, on-boarding their customers for site-to-cloud VPN deployment has been problematic for them moving their on-premises customers to the cloud. Second, as a result of on-boarding customers to multi-cloud environment for site-to-cloud VPN, operations, visibility, and troubleshooting has been a huge pain for them. They needed a painless, simplified way to onboard their customers to the cloud for site-to-cloud VPN deployment. Third, soon they will be adding support for Azure in addition to AWS. So, with multi-cloud evolving environment, they need a seamless, simple multi-cloud network and security solution that Aviatrix provides.  

Key requirements:  

  • Simplified Site-to-Cloud VPN automation for faster customer on-boarding  
  • Intelligent orchestration, visibility and control for multi-cloud transit networking 
  • VPC network segmentation and secure customer-to-cloud VPNs 
  • Manage secure cloud-to-internet connections 
  • Create simplicity rather than manage complexity 
  • Single pane of glass operational visibility across multi-cloud network 
  • Great customer support from any vendor 


Aviatrix simplified point-and-click site-to-cloud VPN solution has enabled Verint deploy connections between on-premises devices and AWS. Verint uses Aviatrix transit gateways to help them run their call-recording software running on AWS. Verint has both single tenant and multi-tenant recording appliance that they run on AWS. Aviatrix enables Verint to build VPN tunnels between each of their customer sites and AWS over the internet, using an easy-to-use template.  

Verint has also started to use Aviatrix for integration with DirectConnect based customers. Aviatrix is not only helping Verint turn their site-to-cloud VPNs but also will be allowing them to attach their DirectConnect customers as an upside-down transit.  

  • Secure site-to-cloud VPN automation 
  • Aviatrix cloud-native networking for AWS, Azure and GCP transit networking 
  • Aviatrix Intelligent Orchestration and Control to deliver global visibility and monitoring 
  • Aviatrix architecture enables roadmap to multi-cloud application environments 

Key Results

From a business perspective, Aviatrix cloud-native site-to-cloud VPN networking solution helps Verint on-board new customers more quickly and with less human involvement from either Verint or their customer. This results in a higher-quality customer experience with less downtime.  Architecturally and operationally, the Verint team has been able to increase network visibility and control, giving them the ability to troubleshoot much faster.  

  • Secure site to cloud connectivity
  • Cloud networking visibility and control
  • Simplified cloud network orchestration
  • Secure customer environment segmentation
  • Reduced time to onboard new customers