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Liming Xiang

Vice President of Software Quality Assurance

Liming Xiang serves as Vice President of Software Quality Assurance and is in charge of feature, system, solution, automation and CI/CD tests. He left Cisco in 2015 and took the challenge to join Aviatrix as the first QA engineer. Liming jumpstarted Aviatrix’s testing engine and built the development testing infrastructure and engineer team from scratch. He is also the key contributor in the designing, prototyping and testing (both manual and automation) of many Aviatrix solutions and features.

Prior to Aviatrix, Liming was a senior technical leader at Cisco access router BU. Throughout his 15 years at Cisco, he had been a well recognized top performer/leader of many Cisco projects including IOS features (routing, switching, security, VoIP, QoS, Multicast and etc), hardware modules (HW crypto engine, VIC, WIC, VWIC, HWIC and EHWIC) and platforms (ISR, ISR-G2 and ISR-NG).

Liming holds two Master’s degrees in both Computer Science and Economics.

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