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Sherry Wei

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Sherry Wei was inspired to start Aviatrix in 2013 after a long career at Cisco. The idea behind the technology was to extend the enterprise datacenter to AWS without touching the underlying network infrastructure. Aviatrix was able to acquire a couple of enterprise customers using its hybrid cloud solution before receiving funding.

Sherry worked at Cisco for 13 years. She led and developed multiple Cisco first generation products, among them the first Intel-based Cisco Integrated System Router (ISR) and the first Cisco T1/E1 Voice and WAN Interface Module.Sherry joined Cisco as part of the acquisition of Ardent Communications where she was the first employee and wrote a significant amount of code. Prior to Ardent, Sherry was an early employee at Centillion Networks that was acquired by Bay Networks (Nortel). Sherry holds a Ph.D from Purdue University in EECS.

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