Have you architected for multi-cloud?

Does your cloud networking solution:

• Control native capabilities of your cloud(s)?
• Simplify cloud networking and security? Easily automate?
• Increase visibility and control with a single pane of glass?
• Build on a common control and data plane architecture?

No? You should be thinking multi-cloud network architecture.

Extracting the Signal from the Noise on The Cube

Listen to Steve Mullaney talk with John Furrier at re:Invent2019 about Multi-Cloud Networking for Enterprises IT

“As enterprises require more advanced public cloud networking, centrally managed, cloud-native solutions like Aviatrix leverage the cloud providers’ native networking and security services such as peering and security groups, while augmenting those core services.”
Simon Richard, Research Director, Gartner

Aviatrix Intelligent
Orchestration and Control

Gone are the days of command lines and device-by-device configuration and operations. A multi-cloud network architecture leverages the intelligence, knowledge and visibility of a centralized controller to deliver the simplicity and automation you expect from the cloud and adds the visibility and control enterprise operations rely on.

Aviatrix AVX Multi-Cloud Network Controller

The AVX Controller is the brain of the Aviatrix multi-cloud network platform. The controller, launched from any cloud marketplace, is software operating centrally on a cloud server. The controller is never in the data path but maintains knowledge of all networking and security elements and leverages that knowledge to deliver intelligent multi-cloud visibility and control.

Aviatrix AVX Cloud Services Software

Aviatrix AVX cloud services software has multiple personalities and forms the foundation for many of Aviatrix’s advanced networking and security services. Launched and managed by the Aviatrix AVX Controller through the Aviatrix AVX Console, AVX cloud services software delivers functionality including multi-cloud transit networking, high-performance IPSec encryption, VPN termination and the inline networking pipeline that enables true multi-cloud visibility in a multi-cloud network architecture.

Multi-Cloud Networking — Leverage and Control Native Cloud Capabilities

As enterprise networking engineering teams peel back the onion on native cloud networking, it becomes clear that more visibility, more control and advanced networking and security features are needed. Aviatrix multi-cloud network designs leverage the basic cloud services and add advanced services to provide the capabilities network engineers expect.

  • Intelligent Orchestration and Control
  • Multi-Region and Multi-Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI)
  • Multi-Account, Subscription, Project, Compartment
  • Active/Active Data Plane with Traffic Engineering
  • Advanced Network and Security Features
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Simplified Operations

Simplicity and automation for application deployment are often viewed as the main value of public clouds. However, visibility, control and day-two operations are even more critical to enterprise IT organizations. Your multi-cloud network architecture must deliver intelligent orchestration and control that is embedded into the cloud data plane, enabling the visibility and troubleshooting tools enterprises need.

  • Global, multi-cloud visibility
  • Intelligent visualization simplifies complex connectivity
  • Powerful day-two operations that leverages the central knowledge of the controller
  • Traceroute, ping and packet capture from any AVX services Gateway
  • Simplified Workflow-based deployment
  • Terraform, CloudFoundation DevOps Automation
  • Legendary support
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Partner Extensions

Multi-cloud networking means Aviatrix directly programs to and receives data from cloud native constructs using APIs exposed by the cloud providers. In the same way, Aviatrix adds advanced services to help our partners bring their powerful capabilities into your multi-cloud network design.

  • Firewall Network for Palo Alto Networks
  • CloudWAN for Cisco IOS branch office routers
  • Splunk, DataDog, SumoLogic
  • Active Directory, Okta, Duo
  • Terraform
  • And more…
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“At the scale we operate in our cloud environment you can’t do networking manually – it has to be automated and abstracted. My advice… try to deploy a networking Proof-of-Concept without Aviatrix and then deploy networking with Aviatrix – just to see the difference, it’s man-vs-machine.”
John Deatherage, Cloud Architect, Docker

Interested in a multi-cloud network architecture?

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