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Invest in Cloud Training through ACE | Danielle Coady on Altitude Podcast

Listen to this clip from Altitude Ep. 4 "The Impact of the Cloud Networking and Security Skills Gap on Enterprises." On this episode of Altitude, Woody investigates the skills gap in cloud networking and security that is a major issue for enterprises. Guests Danielle Coady and Nauman Mustafa both agree that the skills shortage is very real and caused by multiple factors such as migrations, mergers and acquisitions, and digital transformation. With the accelerated adoption of cloud services due to the pandemic, cloud engineers need to be able to adapt to the multicloud world. This skills gap has proven to be a large obstacle for IT leaders and teams as they try to move their businesses forward. Companies must invest in training and education programs to ensure that their staff is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the cloud. Altitude: The Unsung Heroes of Cloud Transformation is brought to you by Aviatrix. To learn more about the ACE program, visit Listen to the full episode: