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Aviatrix & AWS Better Together

Struggling to manage visibility and security for your network traffic? Discover how Aviatrix Secure Cloud Networking on AWS helps you maintain visibility and security for complex AWS network traffic. Whether you’re an existing user looking to expand the ways Aviatrix can help secure your cloud network, or simply exploring how to improve your security posture in the cloud while also decreasing cloud costs, this demo is for you! 00:00 Introduction, overview of the value of Aviatrix and AWS in collaboration to enhance overall customer experience 00:29 Enhance cloud networking through consistent network architecture 00:40 Extend your cloud network down to edge or branch locations 01:23 Seamlessly integrate AWS transit gateway into the Aviatrix fabric 01:44 Gain rich network visibility and secure egress across the entire AWS network 02:40 CoPilot topology, Distributed Cloud Firewall to embed distributed enforcement into cloud traffic flow, FlightPath to quickly troubleshoot network and security issues in AWS through full visibility into packet flows, latency, network errors, and more 04:28 Invitation to start free on AWS Marketplace Start free on the AWS marketplace: Request a demo: