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Managing Cloud Costs and Skills Gap | Justin Payne on Altitude

In this episode of Altitude, "A Cloud Migration Experience: From Limitations to Innovation," Justin Payne, Senior Infrastructure Security Architect at Mueller Water Products (MWP), shares his firsthand experience of navigating the challenges posed by outdated hardware and limited resources while transitioning to the cloud. With an impressive three decades of IT expertise, Justin has been a dedicated member of the MWP team for the past ten years. MWP, founded over 160 years ago, is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fire hydrants, gate valves, and other water infrastructure products in North America. During the housing downfall in the late 2000s, MWP faced significant obstacles. Outdated hardware and resources hindered their ability to meet the company's growing demands, prompting their migration to AWS cloud. Justin has been at the forefront of cloud transformation, ensuring that MWP keeps up with advancements in cloud technology to maximize efficiency and drive growth. Learn more about Altitude and the host: