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Determining Why, What, and How for Success | Matt Henry on Altitude #podcast

In this episode, Woody chats with Matt Henry, a friend and former colleague with extensive experience in architect, developer, and technical strategist capacities for both Microsoft Azure and AWS ecosystems. He's not only a dedicated leader but also a catalyst for professional growth. Matt began his career as a software engineer and solutions architect, and now serves as a Senior Leader, Solutions Architecture (Greenfield West) at AWS. Throughout the conversation, Woody and Matt explore the crucial role of cloud solution architects (CSAs), mentorship, the willingness to learn, and the difference between good managers and great ones. They also touch on the challenges of finding and hiring talented individuals in the ever-evolving cloud industry. Matt believes that the key lies in individuals' ability to answer the question: "What do I want to do?" This introspection, combined with a passion for continuous learning, can help cultivate the right talent pool. Listen to the full episode: Timestamped Overview: [00:00] Introduction of Matt Henry, a seasoned professional in the cloud computing industry. [02:15] The significance of Cloud Solution Architects (CSAs) and their pivotal role in the industry. [03:41] Addressing the challenges of talent pool growth and the importance of self-reflection in career choices. [06:06] The importance of mentors, coaches, and sponsors to support career growth. [07:56] Matt’s opinion on return to office, virtual work environments, and mentorship effectiveness during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. [10:12] Woody’s impactful experience with mentorship early on in his career. [11:12] The evolving skill sets required in the industry, emphasizing adaptability and learning capability. [13:50] Addressing the why, the what, and the how to achieve success as a company. [15:30] Navigating industry churn, culture, and loyalty factors among Cloud Solution Architects. [16:30] The impact of culture on the success of the CSA role and the organization. [20:52] Differentiating good managers from great ones in the context of leadership. [23:44] Closing thoughts and well-wishes for Matt Henry in his new role.