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Who Can Forget About On-Prem? | Mitch Connors on Altitude #podcast

On this episode of Altitude, Woody is joined by Senior Principal Software Engineer Mitch Connors to discuss the world of containers and the frequent challenges posed. Mitch Connors is an experienced software engineer with a remarkable career spanning 18 years. Having worked for various companies, including renowned tech giants such as F5, Amazon, and Google, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role at Aviatrix. They discuss the transition from a large corporate environment to a startup, highlighting the expanded scope and opportunities at Aviatrix. They dive into the world of containers, Kubernetes, and Istio, exploring the reasons behind the success of containers in the industry and the challenges they pose for enterprise adoption. About Altitude and Host Woody: Timestamps: [00:01:54] Change in scope moving from Google to startup. [00:04:58] Containers like cloud adoption for enterprises. Developers pioneer, policy systems lag, Aviatrix helps network admins with multicloud presence. [00:06:22] Container networks have frequent IP address changes, causing identification issues. [00:10:48] Network engineer's job is more complex. [00:13:31] Scalability: VMs vs. containers in e-commerce. [00:18:49] Advancing technology with Google's involvement in Istio. Aviatrix offers a customer journey towards containerization. [00:22:03] Legacy systems endure, consider them in platform design. [00:26:35] Usability lessons: upgrading should be easy. #podcast #cloudsecurity #cloud #istio