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Copilot for Troubleshooting and Visibility

Aviatrix CoPilot provides a global operational view of your multi-cloud network. Enterprise IT teams use CoPilot’s dynamic topology mapping to maintain an accurate topology of their global multi-cloud networks, FlowIQ to analyze global network traffic flows and global heat maps and time series trend charts to easily pinpoint and troubleshoot traffic anomalies. CoPilot leverages the intelligence and advanced network and security services delivered by Aviatrix’s multi-cloud network platform to provide enterprise cloud network operations teams both familiar day-two operational features such as packet capture, trace route and ping and new operational capabilities specifically built for multi-cloud network environments. Key Benefits - Network Health Monitor – Real-time cloud network resource inventory and status - Dynamic Topology Map – Accurate, multi-cloud network topology, layout control and search - FlowIQ – Detailed application traffic flow analysis, global heat map and trends, filter traffic by native CSP tags - Multi-Cloud Tagging – Tag multi-cloud resources, search by tag, filter traffic data by tag - CloudRoutes – Detailed searchable routing tables across cloud providers - Notifications – Alert on resources status/utilization across multi-Cloud - AppIQ – Comprehensive reports to analyze network path between any two cloud instances - ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard – Monitor for security threats from malicious sites, set alerts when threats are detected, and block threat-IP associated traffic - Inventory Reports – Create detailed reports showing your inventory of managed resources in a single cloud or across all clouds in your multi-cloud network - Network Behavior Analytics – Alert on anomalies detected that deviate from the custom routine traffic patterns of your own cloud workloads