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ACE IaC – Another Industry First by Aviatrix


In December, Aviatrix launched a self-paced version of the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Infrastructure as Code (IaC) training and certification. This course is the first multi-cloud networking and security Infrastructure as Code certification available to the industry. ACE IaC brings together the concepts of DevOps by automating a multi-cloud network infrastructure through hands-on labs. The self-paced training guides students towards building complex networks with the Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Networking and Security platform using the principles of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code.

Students can enter the training with no coding background and will leave with a solid understanding of how to use IaC tools like GitHub and Terraform Cloud to build, enhance, and secure multi-cloud networks at scale in an automated fashion. They will also learn how to collaborate with other stakeholders in their organization by building CI/CD pipelines to apply a very common cloud use-case: Egress Security.

Best of all, the lab guides are free.

Check out our ACE FAQ for more details.