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Customer Press Release: Xinja Bank

Xinja Bank Taps Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Network Architecture to Simplify Cloud Networking and Security
AVX™ Multi-Cloud Networking Platform Provides Rapidly Expanding
Digital Neobank with Cloud Architecture for Future Growth

Santa Clara, Calif.—March 31, 2020—Aviatrix, the leader in multi-cloud networking, today announced that Xinja Bank is using Aviatrix’s AVX™ Cloud Networking Platform to provide the highest levels of simplicity, automation, visibility and control as the company scales its all-in-the-cloud financial services operations.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Xinja is an independent, 100 percent digital neobank. With more than 28,000 customers and $450 million in deposits, the company is just getting started. Designed from the ground up for mobile users, Xinja provides a new level of banking flexibility and an outstanding customer experience. Dubbed an “unstoppable force” and a “standout performer” by Mozo, Australia’s leading money saving website for banking and savings accounts, Xinja recently swept five categories for the Mozo Experts Choice Awards. The company’s banking platform leverages the speed, agility and automation of the cloud to increase the security and trust level customers have grown to expect from their banking provider.

Xinja’s DevOps team initially used a single cloud and fully embraced the native compute, storage and application networking constructs offered by their cloud provider to simplify and automate application development and deployment. The team, however, encountered day-two visibility and control challenges when using only the features and capabilities offered natively on that cloud. Xinja’s cloud operations team required an architecture that would allow the visibility and control they needed beyond a single cloud and to create a consistent, repeatable cloud networking and security design that delivered simplicity and automation.

AVX™ Multi-Cloud Networking Platform has greatly enhanced Xinja’s native cloud networking capabilities – providing a ‘single pane of glass’ to manage all future public cloud deployments for networking operations and security. Aviatrix’s unique architectural approach to cloud networking has enabled Xinja to create a well-defined roadmap for planned growth while ensuring enterprise-grade capabilities.

 “Xinja is banking in the cloud. We’ve eliminated the bricks-and-mortar costs that traditional banks are burdened with so we can focus our investment on a great digital experience for our customers,” said Xinja Chief Information Officer Greg Steel. “To that end, we are leveraging Aviatrix to simplify our cloud networking and security architecture. Their platform has reduced costs tied directly to network and security design and operations by simplifying native cloud complexities and allowing us to keep our focus on delivering unmatched customer value through a great mobile application experience.”

“Xinja is yet another example of the type of next-generation, cloud-based businesses whose growing successes present an existential threat to traditional, status quo companies in every vertical market around the world,” said Aviatrix Chief Executive Officer Steve Mullaney. “Like Xinja Bank, businesses that leverage the power of cloud to deliver compelling services and value to customers will win. IT leaders and cloud architects quickly embrace Aviatrix’s multi-cloud network architecture to design, deploy and operate multi-cloud networks that deliver the simplicity and automation they expect from the cloud while providing the visibility and control that is needed.”

 About Aviatrix:

Aviatrix is the leader in multi-cloud networking. Aviatrix AVX™ software delivers a single platform for cloud networking that programs the native constructs of public clouds and overlays advanced networking, security and operations services – regardless of public clouds being used. More than 400 customers worldwide are using Aviatrix to gain the simplicity and automation of the cloud along with the visibility and control required by the enterprise. Combined with the industry’s first and only multi-cloud network engineer certification (ACE), Aviatrix is putting enterprise IT in control of their network architecture as businesses transform to the cloud. Learn more at

About Xinja Bank:

Xinja Bank received its full banking licence from the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) in September 2019 and launched its bank account to early customers the same day. Since then it has grown its customer base to over 28,000 and launched its savings account “Stash” which attracted over $400 million in deposits in 7 weeks. Xinja raised approximately AUD $75 million since May 2017 across raises A thru first part of series D, and recently announced, in March 2020, an investment of AUD$433 million by World Investments, based out of Dubai, subject to relevant approvals.

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