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Multicloud Networking Report: Connecting & Securing the Future

New EMA research explores how enterprises are addressing networking requirements for their multicloud architectures.

Download the report here.

Multicloud networking teams report difficulty in building a consistent network across their multicloud estate, with 97% of organizations facing significant challenges. As enterprises increase their use of multiple cloud providers, network teams need better visibility and control. EMA predicts that over the next few years, multicloud network architecture will be a major focus of enterprise IT organizations.

In this report, you will learn...​

  • Why enterprises are moving so aggressively into multicloud.
  • How organizations can avoid the pitfalls associated with multicloud networking.
  • What requirements enterprises should require from their cloud networking vendors. ​

Enterprises are beginning to run up against limitations inherent in native constructs, including lack of visibility, control, and troubleshooting capabilities. Good enough is no longer good enough.

Download the report here.