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Why Bolt-On Cloud Security is a Problem | Bryan Woodworth on Altitude Podcast

Watch this short clip from episode 8 of Altitude, "The Future of Modern Networks and the Race to Innovate." Woody is joined by Steve Saunders, networking guru and founder of Silverlinings, which provides a reputable daily source of news, analysis, and strategy for cloud infrastructure. Steve is also Vice Chairman of the Board of Laser Light Communications, which is building the world's first all-optical carrier network in space. Together, they explore 5G’s impact on the future of cloud, the “telco-ification” of public cloud, how edge will change to encompass 5G, the importance of building resilient infrastructure against API attacks and digital sprawl, and the rise of cloud native API protection. The conversation also covers AI intelligent overlays in cloud networking and Steve’s thoughts on Aviatrix’s role in the industry, describing Aviatrix as an “outsourced R&D department for the industry.” Tune in for episodes released bi-weekly: Spotify: Apple: Altitude: The Unsung Heroes of Cloud Transformation is brought to you by Aviatrix. To learn more about how Aegon, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Heineken, Raytheon Technologies, and many more have succeeded in cloud networking, visit