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AWS NAT Gateway Costs | Toby Foss on Altitude Ep. 10

In this special episode of Altitude, "Can We Achieve Distributed Security at Scale in Cloud?" Woody hosts a roundtable with two great minds in cloud --Toby Foss, Director of Network Operations at Informatica, and Chris McHenry, Head of Security Solutions at Aviatrix. Together, they discuss the outcome of existing security patterns in cloud and how those patterns are working, or not working. They explore alternative architectural approaches, what a distributed network security system requires to be successful, and "must do's" in cloud security. Toby has been involved in IT since 1992, spanning government, public, and private sectors. He is also in the process of getting a PhD in cybersecurity and computer science. Chris is passionate about cybersecurity and specializes in secure multicloud networking. Listen to the full episode here: