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AVIATRIX VALIDATED DESIGN Aviatrix Multi-Region High-Availability Cloud Network Design Overview As enterprises shift the center of gravity for application infrastructure from on-premise data centers to public clouds, many are designing their cloud networks on multi-region and multi-cloud architectures. Key drivers for this architectural change include: • Redundancy and High Availability – Applications need Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities. While entire region failures are rare, connectivity to a region or multiple Availability Zone (AZ) failures in same region happen. Multi-region fault tolerance and high availability are design pillars that should be part of any critical infrastructure architecture and network design. • Geographically Distributed Customers, Partners and Workforce – Customers, partners and employees are physically located in multiple regions. A multi-region design allows customers, partners and employees to access cloud resources via the closest point of entry and traverse the cloud service provider's infrastructure to reach cloud-based applications and resources, wherever they reside. • Regional Service Availability – Some applications are only available in certain regions of the cloud service providers. • Multiple Physical Data Centers – On prem maybe in multiple regions and need closest point of entry to cloud. Figure 1: This Aviatrix Validated Network Design delivers a fully redundant and end-to-end encrypted, multi-region network architecture that provides high-availability, active-active connectivity failover if and when regional connectivity, availability zone or infrastructure component outages occur.

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