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AVIATRIX VALIDATED DESIGN Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform Overview Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is Microsoft's managed virtual desktop service in Azure. It provides customers with simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, optimizations for Microsoft 365 Apps, and support for remote desktop services. Windows Virtual Desktop is made up of Windows desktops and apps you deliver to users and the full management solution hosted as a service on Azure by Microsoft. Desktops and apps are deployed on virtual machines (VMs) in any Azure region, and the management solution and data for these VMs resides in the United States. As a result of COVID-19 work from home policies, enterprises around the globe have moved quickly to deploy the Azure Windows Virtual Desktop service to allow employees and contractors to maintain access to critical business applications. Azure WVD is extremely simple to deploy in a basic, Azure cloud only design. However, there are significant challenges enterprises encounter to meet and maintain corporate and regulatory security requirements and gain operational visibility and control that IT teams require to reduce operational overhead and associated costs. The Aviatrix cloud network platform provides enterprises advanced networking, security features, including functionality required for a seamless and secure deployment of the Windows Virtual Desktop service environments. Leveraging this Aviatrix validated design, enterprises will address the critical networking and security challenges associated with workloads being deployed in public clouds. Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop service (WVD) provides enterprises with a comprehensive desktop and application virtualization service in the cloud. Leveraging the Aviatrix platform, WVD adopters seamlessly integrate security, advanced networking, multi-cloud transit, and visibility into this environment.

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