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Ultimate MPLS Network Alternative

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4 WHITE PAPER WHITE PAPER Architectural Scenario A Leveraging Aviatrix • The proposed architecture, leverages Aviatrix cloud network platform, includes 2 Aviatrix Transit Gateways (1 in each region) and a peered connection between the Gateways. • Each new branch office or partner is connected in a redundant, high-availability (HA) manner to both Transit Gateways over IPSec encrypted equal cost multi-path (ECMP) tunnels. • Network connectivity from the Transit Gateways rides the cloud backbone to reach resources in the cloud. • Connections from branch offices and partners ingress and egress the cloud backbone at the cloud provider's closest point-of- presence (POP), offering the lowest latency and stability for the link. • Data centers are connected to the Transit Gateways leveraging Private Circuits (high speed, low latency) and are also interconnected via the legacy MPLS network to the new Aviatrix Transit Network. Architectural Scenario B Leveraging Aviatrix This scenario is similar to Architectural Scenario A Leveraging Aviatrix, however rather than connecting new branches and partners to the new cloud backbone and leave the existing branches and partners on the MPLS network, we migrate all existing branches and partners from the MPLS network to the new cloud backbone. This could be an evolution of Scenario B, or it can be a transition from the "intial state"). • All branches and partners connect to the Aviatrix Transit using IPSec encrypted links and land on the Backbone at their nearest POP, ensuring they hit the high-performance cloud backbone with the lowest latency possible. • Data centers connect to the Aviatrix Transit Gateways using private circuits to ensure highest quality and performance. Connectivity between regions, data centers, branches and partners operate over the cloud backbone, through the Aviatrix Gateways. Architectural Scenario C Leveraging Aviatrix This is a scenario where all of the resources are moved to the cloud. It could be an evolution from Scenarios A or B, but also this can be an independent transition from "initial state" taking a different path. • Data centers have been removed from the architecture, so there is no requirement for Private Circuits. • Branches and partners are connecting to the Aviatrix Transit over IPSec encrypted links and leverage the cloud backbone for stability and low latency. • Communication between regions operates across the cloud backbone and leverages the Aviatrix cloud network platform.

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