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1 SOLUTION BRIEF AVIATRIX FIRENET FOR CHECK POINT CLOUDGUARD IAAS Simplify Deployment and Maximize Performance of CloudGuard™ IaaS in Your Cloud Simplify Enterprise Cloud Networking The Aviatrix cloud network platform delivers the advanced networking, security and operational visibility services required by enterprises, while maintaining the simplicity and automation of cloud. Secure Multi-Cloud Network Transit Aviatrix software enables enterprise IT to easily deploy a high-availability, multi-cloud network data plane with end-to-end encryption, high performance encryption, multi-cloud security domains and operational telemetry operations teams need. Enterprise Class Operational Visibility The Aviatrix platform brings day-two operational visibility not available from any cloud provider to help you pinpoint traffic anomalies and suspicious behavior, resolve connectivity problems faster, and share network health metrics and dynamic network resource maps with staff and management. Multi-Cloud Network Training Aviatrix offers hands on Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) training and certifications to quickly bring your whole team up to speed on native AWS, Azure and GCP networking, multi- cloud reference architectures and the Aviatrix cloud network platform. Better Together: Check Point CloudGuard IaaS and Aviatrix Bring Check Point security policies to the cloud with simplicity, performance and multi-cloud visibility. Check Point and Aviatrix have worked closely to develop a tight integration that allows customers to achieve the benefits of our better together, integrated design. Aviatrix cloud network platform and FireNet reference design makes CloudGuard deployment simple. The solution leverages the Aviatrix controller for deployment automation and on-going route propagation, maximizes cloud network throughput performance, and remove the need for SNAT using bi-directional hashing to pin sessions to specific security gateways to maintain source address visibility. Multi-Availability Zone Active-Active Session State Synchronization Unique to Check Point CloudGuard IaaS, Geo-Clustering is a capability that allows multi-availability zone, active-active high availability with session state management. Geo-Clustering enables CloudGuard security gateways can be deployed in pairs, one in each of two availability zones. Session state is synchronized between the two gateways, so if failure occurs the Aviatrix FireNet gateway will failover to the still active CloudGuard security gateway. Importantly, any active sessions are maintained, instead of being dropped and re-established. Simplicity and Automation with Enterprise Visibility and Control As an enterprise IT leader, your organization is driven by business transformation and tasked to accelerate the migration to public cloud. However, large scale enterprise application and service transformations are not as simple as cloud providers would make it seem. The promise of cloud is simplicity and automation, but the reality for enterprise IT is often much more challenging – shadow IT, cloud and networking skills gaps, limited visibility and lack of a well architected network design – all contribute to your team's everyday challenges. Aviatrix cloud network platform is a foundation upon which you can regain visibility and control and shift your focus from managing disparate network infrastructures to controlling a consistent global cloud network that provides enterprise class networking, security and operational features that are simply not available from any cloud provider. We understand you need the network visibility and control you enjoyed on premise, now for your cloud networks. You want day-two operations, visibility, control, regulatory compliance and other enterprise IT architectural structures that make large scale IT environments operational for the long term. But it's different, you don't want to do it the same way, you want it modernized for the cloud. That is why Aviatrix and Check Point have partnered to help you bring your proven security policies and rules into your cloud. SOLUTION BRIEF "Aviatrix's cloud network platform intelligently programs the native cloud network constructs and goes well beyond that by adding network segmentation policies, rich visibility, and automation that we require to support our customers. Aviatrix makes cloud networking much easier for us and our customers." JOHN GOODSON SVP AND GENERAL MANAGER OF PRODUCTS VERINT

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