The Business-Wide Financial Benefits of Multi-Cloud Networking

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Executive Summary Whether as part of an intentional strategy or unexpected consequence of shadow IT, customer requirements, or new mergers and acquisitions, multi-cloud infrastructures are on the rise. According to IDG research, 66% of enterprises already use services from multiple cloud providers. 2 A figure that is set to increase as IT and business decision-makers seek to: While the potential benefits of multi-cloud networking are substantial, every new cloud platform added to your infrastructure brings with it unique processes and tools that require specific expertise to master. Enterprise IT is complex at the best of times and multi-cloud networking — especially if unplanned — can impact business performance, slow cloud network operations and create security vulnerabilities. On the other hand, if your organization is prepared, a well architected multi-cloud network can result in faster time-to-market and increased revenue from both new and existing customers. The Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform enables organizations to unlock the business-wide financial benefits that multi-cloud networking can deliver, while maintaining the centralized visibility and control that IT teams require to operate as efficiently and securely as possible. 2 Reduce costs and drive new revenue generation Access best of breed technologies Avoid cloud vendor lock-in Maintain data sovereignty Establish multi-cloud operational visibility Ensure regulatory compliance and regional availability " With Aviatrix, we are saving millions. Assistant Director of Cloud Architecture and Engineering, Manufacturer 1 " Without Aviatrix, it would have taken an extra year and twice the staff. Senior Infrastructure Architect, Insurance Company 1 I'm already cloud connected, why do I need Aviatrix? There's a big difference between "connecting to the cloud" and "cloud networking". Aviatrix cloud networking is a superset of networking and security in and across AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, delivering intelligent routing, traffic engineering, end-to-end encryption, internet egress filtering, firewall insertion, operational visibility, infrastructure as code automation and more. Aviatrix works seamlessly with your SD-WAN, SASE and cloud connectivity services and goes well beyond simply connecting to your cloud edge.

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