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AVIATRIX VALIDATED DESIGN Multi-Cloud Network Architecture for Businesses with SaaS Offerings Overview Growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies has accelerated over the past decade as SaaS providers have enjoyed the agility and time-to-market advantages not possible with traditional Software as a Product (SaaP) delivery models. Multi-region and multi- cloud architectures are now enabling SaaS businesses to reach a growing number of customers around the globe. However, as cloud centric delivery models become increasingly business critical, SaaS businesses discover that their customer's and their own security and business requirements, service delivery quality objectives, and costs become more difficult to achieve. The Aviatrix cloud network platform provides the proven solution SaaS providers need for enterprise-class cloud networking, security and operations required for incredibly complex SaaS environments. This document outlines the technical challenges and build verses buy decisions SaaS businesses face, the Aviatrix solution, and a provides a validated design that SaaS vendors require to streamline their cloud network and security infrastructure and overcome visibility and troubleshooting challenges. Aviatrix Validated Design for SaaS providers simplifies secure connectivity to end-customer with overlapping IP space, faster VPN provisioning, end-to-end segmentation, policy-based traffic inspection in the cloud, onboarding a new Cloud Service Provider (CSP), all with full visibility and centralized multi-cloud operations.

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