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7 AVIATRIX VALIDATED DESIGN AVIATRIX VALIDATED DESIGN Design Benefits • "Build vs Buy" decision becomes obvious as SaaS providers understands the Aviatrix MCNA capabilities and flexibility to solve extremely demanding use-cases • Fast and secure customer onboarding (VPN provisioning) and cloud onboarding • End-customers do not have to configure NAT on their IPsec enabled devices; Aviatrix controller seamlessly provides that functionality on highly available Aviatrix Gateways • SaaS organizations easily provide end-to-end segmentation and segregation between end-customers by utilizing Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Network Segmentation feature which supports both cloud and on-prem end-customers • Highly scalable architecture is capable of onboarding thousands of customers across multi-cloud environment • SaaS organizations choose either private vs public inter-region or multi-cloud connectivity. Aviatrix platform supports both options • This design is highly available; gateways are deployed in Active/Active mode with full mesh connectivity • In this design, Aviatrix Gateway deployment is automated by the Aviatrix controller, which intelligently automates updates to VPC/VNET route tables and manages the lifecycle of entire interaction. This avoids common human errors and ensures network correctness • The Aviatrix Controller automates redirection of traffic to NGFWs for inspection • RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) for cloud network, security, operations engineers, and architects provide added benefits • Global operational visibility is another important benefit that SaaS providers enjoys because no CSP provides visibility and troubleshooting tools because of black-box nature of their shared native constructs. In addition, SaaS providers have SLA obligations to their end customers that requires timely evidential data to uphold their business commitment • SaaS providers easily support "law of the land" requirements based on customer and partner locations such as GDPR, Data residency and proof of operational resiliency Engage with Aviatrix. Online Documentation: Help with MCNA Architecture or this validated design: [email protected] Join the Aviatrix Community About the Author Saad Mirza is a Principal Solutions Architect at Aviatrix with 20+ years of experience in networking and security. Saad has been solving enterprise's complex challenges by providing guidance, architectural best practices and validated designs for hybrid and multi-cloud networks. These designs have been validated and adopted by Aviatrix enterprise customers. Saad can be reached at [email protected]

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