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AVIATRIX VALIDATED DESIGN Alibaba Cloud Private Connectivity To and Within Mainland China Overview To offer the highest quality experience, enterprises strive to deliver services close to their customers. Traditionally this forced enterprises to build or lease physical data center infrastructure geographical close to their users. Today, this infrastructure is delivered in the cloud and enterprises leverage global cloud regions and multiple clouds to deliver optimal service quality. However, while the front-end of user-facing applications may be deployed in the customer's region, backend services and shared resources are often deployed in a centralized geographic location, even in the cloud. To access these centralized services enterprises, deploy secure communication channels for private communications, historically leveraging dedicated connectivity services such as carrier MPLS circuits. While creating these global cloud network architectures, China has been somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. Connectivity in and out of mainland China must be inspected by the Great Firewall, which poses a challenge for companies who would like to build an encrypted communications channel between mainland China and other regions (e.g. Europe, Americas). The Aviatrix cloud network platform can easily solve these challenges and includes additional layers of security that provide global enterprises a seamless global connectivity option. In this validated design we describe how to leverage Alibaba Cloud's private connectivity (CEN) to enable this powerful capability. Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Network Architecture used to interconnect mainland China resources (DC, Alibaba Cloud VPCs) with the resources in Europe (DC, Alibaba Cloud VPCs, Azure VNETs). Connectivity between Alibaba Cloud regions in Europe and China is encrypted and is built on Alibaba Cloud's private connectivity service – CEN – Cloud Enterprise Network.

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