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AVIATRIX VALIDATED DESIGN Azure VMware Solutions (AVS) on Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform Overview Azure VMware Solution provides customers with a private cloud containing vSphere clusters, built on bare-metal Azure infrastructure, on which customers can migrate existing on-premises VMware workloads seamlessly. This native service is provisioned with an ExpressRoute circuit which customers can terminate in their existing Azure environment to access the AVS environment. On-premises or redundant AVS environments must leverage ExpressRoute Global Reach in order to achieve production-ready access into these environments. Additional solutions with Azure VPN Connections or Azure Virtual WAN can also be leveraged to provide on-prem and DR connectivity. Within the AVS environment, VMware NSX is used as a network virtualization platform to manage virtual networks and provide network reachability to Azure. AVS customers often experience challenges with the native AVS solution in managing full-mesh global reach for on-prem access and disaster recovery connectivity for an AVS deployment in a secondary region. Additionally, integration of 3 rd party NGFWs within the AVS environment can also have impacts to the dynamic route exchange with Azure VNETs as static routes are used in the NSX underlay. The lack of networking flexibility between AVS, Azure VNets, and on-premises can cause some architectural issues which are further exacerbated in multi-cloud scenarios. The Aviatrix cloud network platform provides enterprises advanced networking and security features which addresses challenges in networking, security and operations of AVS deployment while also enabling communication in a multi-cloud footprint. Leveraging this Aviatrix validated design, enterprises can address the critical networking and security challenges associated with workloads being deployed in AVS.

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