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Targeted audience for FSI business decision makers, CIO's, CTO's & Cloud Architects responsible for driving strategy Enhance Azure VMware Solution (AVS) with Aviatrix SOLUTIONS BRIEF Introduction Azure AVS allows organizations to seamlessly move VMware-based workloads into Azure while managing existing environments with familiar tool sets and modernize applications with native services. The Aviatrix platform enhances the native AVS solution to improve transitivity for initial migrations and disaster recovery scenarios as well as brings advanced features with security and visibility. Solution Overview Azure VMware Solution provides customers with a private cloud containing vSphere clusters, built on bare-metal Azure infrastructure, on which customers can migrate exist- ing on-premise VMware workloads seamlessly. This native service is provisioned with an ExpressRoute circuit which customers can terminate in their existing environment to access the AVS environment. On-premise or redundant AVS environments must leverage ExpressRoute Global Reach in order to achieve production-ready access into these environments. Additional solutions with Azure VPN Connections or Azure Virtual WAN can also be leveraged to provide on-prem and DR connectivity. Within the AVS environment, VMware NSX is used as a network virtual- ization platform to mange virtual networks and provide network reachability to Azure. Aviatrix provides a network and security platform based on a multi-cloud architecture which orchestrates native net- working constructs and provides advanced services within the cloud. Within AVS, Aviatrix provides advanced dynamic With Aviatrix, AVS customers can leverage Aviatrix to secure and consolidate their applica- tion-optimized multi-cloud infrastructure.

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