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Case Study: A Leading SaaS Provider Adopts Aviatrix for Multi-Cloud Readiness and Increase Customer Satisfaction © 2021 Aviatrix, Inc. | 2 The SaaS provider in this case study is in the busi- ness of using advanced artificial intelligence on customer data to provide actionable business insights that will help its users maximize revenue and has customers around the globe. With their eyes on the future, the company shifted its opera- tions from on-prem to a single Cloud Service Pro- vider (CSP). Eventually they were faced with the inevitable: end customers who required the service be delivered on the CSP platform of the customer's choice. The SaaS provider's business leadership demanded multi-cloud agility. Customers needed to be serviced quickly and consistently in a rapidly changing space, or the SaaS provide risked losing millions of dollars in net new revenue. However, the demand for multi-cloud service deliv- ery, caused an exponential rise in complexity to utilize native cloud constructs in an additional cloud. This resulted in re-training of staff, and business requirements that further reduced the agility of the SaaS provider's cloud IT teams. On-boarding just a single additional CSP resulted in inconsistent net- work architecture and created inefficient operations as much of the existing automation needed to be refactored for the new CSP environment. The SaaS provider wanted to take a step back and do this the right away—create a service delivery infrastructure strategy that would provide the best possible end customer experience with the simplest and most consistent infrastructure operations, scale to their growth targets while ensuring security, financial, and reputational risks were minimized. CUSTOMER BACKGROUND Key Results with Aviatrix Faster end-customer on-boarding / time to market Granular operational visibility in the cloud Network segmentation, end-to-end encryption, and compliance Automatic overlapping IP handling Overall increase in customer satisfac- tion

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