Network Engineers Guide to Multicloud Networking

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Network Engineers Guide to Multicloud Networking 7 © Aviatrix, 2022. Intelligent Cloud Networking Goes Beyond Cloud Boundaries Multicloud Network Architecture Aviatrix helps enterprise cloud network architects create a multicloud network architecture. It also offers a cloud networking platform that provides the software and services required to plan, deploy and operate a secure enterprise multicloud network. High-Availability Networking Aviatrix secure network transit's design includes active-active, high-availability and redundant pathing. Pairs of Aviatrix Gateways, deployed in separate availability zones, establish a full mesh, multi-path connection that maximize both throughput perfor- mance and network availability. Infrastructure as Code The Aviatrix multicloud Terraform Provider leverages the multi-lingual capability of the Aviatrix Controller, which enables a single Terraform module to deploy repeatable network designs and security policies across all clouds. This allows cloud networking to integrate easily into enterprise infrastructure as code automation and CI/CD pipelines. High-Performance Encryption Standard IPSec encryption is limited to 1.25 Gbps. Aviatrix's high-performance encryption distributes processing across multiple cores and aggregates IPSec tunnels to achieve wire-speed encryption, up to 75 Gbps. Multicloud Network Segmentation Some clouds enable the creation of security domains. Aviatrix extends secure network segmentation beyond cloud boundaries to enable multicloud security domains with consistent, centrally managed, global network segmentation, and connection policies. Secure Cloud Ingress and Egress Controls Aviatrix gateways offer both ingress and egress L4 and fully qualified domain name (FQDN) filtering. Centrally managed filter groups ensure consistent multicloud security for any cloud application communicating with internet-based resources and services. Multicloud Network Service Insertion Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform provides a secure point of access for network and security services such as next-generation firewalls, IDS/IPS, and SD-WAN cloud edge connections. Aviatrix gateways provide load balancing to scale-out connected services and ensure redundant and failover high availability. Operational Visibility Enterprise network operations teams must have deep visibility into network activity. Native public cloud networks are opaque. Even basic analytics must be obtained from multiple sources and require skilled human correlation to become actionable. Multicloud visibility is simply not available from any cloud provider. Dynamic Network Mapping Aviatrix leverages the controller's central intelligence and knowledge to dynamically generate and maintain an accurate multicloud network topology map. This includes all network resources and network configurations the controller manages. The map includes both native network resources and Aviatrix's secure transit and cloud ingress and egress control gateways. FlowIQ – Intelligent Network Traffic Analytics Aviatrix extracts detailed network traffic flow data from Aviatrix infrastructure, including source, destination, port and protocol filtering. This combined with additional metadata, such as latency and tagging, provides never before possible multicloud flow inspection and global traffic heat maps in Aviatrix CoPilot. AppIQ – Intelligent End-to-End Application Path Analysis Allowing network teams to work more closely with their application teams, AppIQ provides a detailed analysis of traffic and systems which form the path between two application endpoints, including gateway performance, network latency, route table analysis, security domains and more. More Additional advanced networking features include BGP propagation, traffic engineering, optimal path routing, and more.

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