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Business Challenge Aviatrix Solution Case Study: An Innovative Financial Services Institution Leverages Aviatrix to Reduce Enterprise and Customer Risk © 2021 Aviatrix, Inc. | 3 Gain architectural flexibility beyond CSP native constructs Reduce operating costs with a simplified multi- cloud strategy Ensure regulatory compliance and secure regional availability Enhance brand reputation by maintaining business continuity Monitor and manage network health with advanced visibility and troubleshooting tools Solution Mapping Difficult to provide and manage the security that FSIs require in cloud and increased complexity in global, multi-region, and multi-cloud environ- ments. Leveraged Aviatrix Firewall Network (FireNet) to deploy firewall instances to secure inter-cloud, intra-cloud, and Internet traffic. Policy driven firewalls scale independently and run different security inspection services based on needs. Extensive compliance requirements need to be managed at enterprise, customer, and geographical levels. Simplified compliance efforts for Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) regulations and compliance programs such as SOC2, FIPS 140-2, and IKEv2. Needed advanced cloud visibility and troubleshooting tools to investigate network health, detect cyberattacks, and provide management records and evidential data that highlight environ- ment change activity. Comprehensive system health visibility in single pane of glass with Aviatrix CoPilot, which resulted in significantly decreased mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) of complex networking problems via advanced troubleshooting and monitoring tools that are not natively available from CSPs. Need for high network performance and stability of customer-facing and internal services. Achieved least latency of enterprise applications and near line rate performance using Aviatrix ActiveMesh and HPE. Regulatory bodies need to see the ability to continue operations in the event of major cloud disruptions. Need for multi-region or multi-cloud failover. Aviatrix platform monitors health of networking components and automation enables redeployment to a different region or to different CSP. This maintains critical security policies and end-to-end visibility while ensuring seamless continuity of business. Unprepared to enter new markets by quickly onboarding new Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) without impacting SLAs and/or end customer deadline. Aviatrix repeatable blueprint architecture and automation significantly reduced time to onboard new CSPs from months to days. As a result, reduced time-to- market and extended global reachability while maintaining agility to run mission- critical operations.

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