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Key Results An Agile and Secure Multi-Cloud A common, repeatable network and security architecture that maximizes return on investment The financial service institution utilized Aviatrix to increase new cloud readiness and provide the security its customers demanded. IT teams are also equipped with rich visibility and troubleshooting capabilities to support all customers. Business as Usual, No Matter What Comes Your Way Ability to weather major cloud disruptions and maintain business continuity Advanced monitoring of system paired with robust redeploy- ment automation allows FSIs to focus on providing business value for their end customers, reduce time-to-market, and increase customer satisfaction. Reduced Operational Overhead Increased network engineer efficiency by 50–70% 1 Aviatrix also removed the need for complex cloud native scripts through automation. IT teams are agile and empowered to focus on maximizing their assets instead of worrying about scalability, maintenance, and security. Are You Ready? Being prepared for the multi-cloud environment is an urgent imperative for Financial Services Institutions (FSIs). But multi- cloud readiness needs to be done in the right way. Multi-cloud maturity will increasingly define the winners and losers in the years to come. Aviatrix is redefining networking for the cloud and putting enterprise IT back in control. The Aviatrix cloud network platform delivers a single, secure, and common platform for multi-cloud networking, regardless of the public cloud providers used. Aviatrix delivers the simplic- ity and agility enterprises expect in the cloud with the operations and security they require. The people at Aviatrix are its real assets. We have experts from all major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) who bind together towards a single goal: delighting our clients. Our team also has expertise in the financial services industry and a track record of helping FSIs develop strategies to increase agility and accelerate innovation. We invite you to contact us to discuss your require- ments and learn more about how Aviatrix can transform your business. Case Study: An Innovative Financial Services Institution Leverages Aviatrix to Reduce Enterprise and Customer Risk © 2021 Aviatrix, Inc. | 4 Schedule a Demo

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