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Cloud Agility and Security for Health & Life Sciences - Technical Overview

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© 2021 Aviatrix, Inc. A Cloud Imperative Presents Technological Complexity For Health & Life Sciences (HLS) organizations, cloud adoption is accelerating across the industry, as the desire to embrace digital transformation is increasing. HLS leaders see the value in leveraging machine learning for research and development or dedicated HLS- based cloud offerings for improved payor and provider experiences. However, as HLS organizations look to transform their technology stack by leveraging cloud resources, many new technology compli- cations emerge. Transitioning from disparate legacy on-premises systems that manage highly sensitive data into a cloud-based archi- tecture can be daunting for even the most skilled IT professionals. The cloud is an entirely new framework for these teams, demanding new rules and constructs to wrangle in support of higher-level initia- tives. Each cloud service provider (CSP) offers compelling services, and with a remote workforce and multi-region customer base, critical business applications must be consumable and publishable anywhere. IT professionals are now left to figure out how to support the growing demand for business speed and agility with a new set of tools, a completely different language, and unprecedented chal- lenges from an infrastructure perspective. And they must meet the needs of the business frequently on an on-demand, urgent basis. The Journey to the Cloud for Health & Life Sciences The journey to the cloud for HLS organizations can take many forms. At Aviatrix, we help network and security professionals support these transformation requirements with underlying infrastructure that supports applications and connectivity anywhere, all while maintaining resil- ience and availability. We do that by: Reducing the skills gap and standardizing the architecture from Day 1 ■ Normalize the workflows to avoid CSP-specific constructs and limitations ■ Provide a repeatable architecture supported across all CSPs As many seasoned IT professionals know, the key to any good environment lies in the initial architecture. If the architecture is good, the workloads leveraging the underlying infrastruc- ture will perform optimally. If the architecture is not consistent, performance will suffer. Aviatrix provides a consistent multi-cloud network archi- tecture supporting all major CSPs, leveraging the best of cloud-native while extending capa- bilities with advanced services where necessary. Establishing guardrails early and enabling accelerated deployments ■ Leverage a centralized control plane for end-to-end network correctness ■ Utilize a platform supporting orchestration and Infrastructure-as-Code The speed of cloud deployments is like nothing we have ever seen, and the infrastructure team is challenged with keeping pace with the busi- ness. Aviatrix supports and enables Infrastruc- ture-as-Code and is API-driven to allow IT teams to establish network connectivity and guardrails quickly and consistently across all CSPs and regions within minutes. Technical Overview Cloud Agility and Security for Health & Life Sciences SOLUTIONS BRIEF

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