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A cloud-centric approach to monitoring infiltration and exfiltration in the multi-cloud ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard introduces security visibility and controls into the common, repeatable, transit-based network architecture offered by Aviatrix. This new capabil- ity provides enterprises with a unified approach to identi- fying and remediating threats without adding hops or agents into the multi-cloud infrastructure. ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard is built into the network layer by default, so that you can secure your entire network and close security gaps instead of relying on standalone or isolated security stacks that can't do the job. ThreatIQ leverages a threat database of known bad actors to spot infiltration or exfiltration. As an agentless feature that leverages the Aviatrix network backbone, ThreatIQ identifies malicious IPs as traffic traverses the network and alerts SecOps teams. ThreatGuard goes a step further in automatically remedi- ating any findings by blocking identified traffic at the VPC/VNET/VCN edge. This remediation step eliminates the need for lengthy manual intervention and is built into the network infrastructure. The enterprise network landscape is changing as CIOs embrace Cloud Service Provider (CSP) services and seek flexibility to adapt and move quickly. But lift and shift strategies to expand on-premises network security solutions and incorporate CSP environments increase both cost and complexity. The Aviatrix platform provides a simplified, repeatable network architecture, which now incorporates security into the same network fabric distrib- uted across the multi-cloud footprint. Agentless Security Capabilities Embedded Into the Network Data Plane Actively monitor for traffic to identify bad actors, drill down on the multi-cloud topology to discover compro- mised resources, and automatically remediate with network policies pushed to the VPC/VNET/VCN edge. The ThreatGuard dashboard shows how effective firewall rules are at blocking malicious hosts. THREATS THREATGUARD Blocked Threat IPs 342 Rules 872 Gateways 2 44.95% 55.05% 44.95% 55.05% Block Traffic Send Alert Firewall Rules Per Gateway PSF-UE1-GW3 PSF-UE2-GW2 Threats Blocked Per Gateway PSF-UE1-GW3 PSF-UE2-GW2 Schedule a demo today ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard Distributed Security Inspection and Remediation Across the Multi-Cloud Network

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