A Checklist for Building an Agile Multi-Cloud Network

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A Checklist for Building an Agile Multi-Cloud Network Your enterprise may be looking to set up multi- cloud environments that must meet a range of needs. Perhaps you want to apply advanced networking and security for optimal traffic control. Maybe you want to ensure that you have holistic visibility and control of traffic patterns and potential security risks across all clouds. You may be seeking a system that makes it easier and efficient to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. And maybe you want the ability to scale operations and remain agile in the face of emerging market challenges and trends. Designing an architecture supporting multi-cloud is a bit like building and moving into a house—you would get the foundation right before you move in, not count on redesigning the house's blueprint after- wards. After having worked with over 550 enter- prises worldwide, Aviatrix has developed the following checklist aiming to provide you with a solid foundation of connectivity. On the next page, we outline the steps we recommend you take to create a multi-cloud network architecture that supports advanced networking and services, visibility and troubleshooting capabilities, security and compliance across every application layer, and automation.

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