Simplifying Enterprise Cloud Migrations with Aviatrix

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Simplifying Enterprise Cloud Migrations with Aviatrix BUSINESS CASE Cloud migration is no longer a technology decision, it's a business decision. Decisions around cloud strategy have moved beyond the white board to the board room. Enterprises that have dominated their industries—financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, technology and more—are facing serious competition from digital upstarts that have developed their business and operational models exclusively in the cloud. To fight this epic battle, change is happening fast, compa- nies are "cloudifying" their operations to achieve the agility and speed that data center operational models simply cannot support. This digital transformation effort includes migrating or refactoring application workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and, for enterprises with operations in China, Alibaba Cloud. In the past, moving or building a simple application envi- ronment was easy, the cloud providers delivered, seem- ingly, everything a developer needed. Application teams reveled in their ability to go around, what they perceived a draconian IT processes and policies that slowed service delivery almost to a halt. And, enterprise IT viewed these rouge DevOps teams as irresponsible, but harmless. However, operating in the cloud has become serious "We knew from previous experience that transit network- ing services offered by cloud service providers did not consistently offer the advanced networking and security controls or the ability to support the multi-cloud network architecture we envisioned. Aviatrix delivered both." Dr. Michael Weber Sr. Manager, Traffic Engineering Splunk

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