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Raytheon Maximizes Bandwidth, Drastically Reduces Cloud Time-to-Delivery Times

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Challenge ■ Traditional solutions use native controls that increase time-to- market expectations for cloud ■ Limitations of IPSec and running encrypted traffic from on-premise to the cloud created huge bottlenecks ■ Needed solution that was easy to deploy, not requiring multiple weeks and staff and that easily integrated to current security solutions Solution Easy to deploy in minutes, with all service providers that Raytheon needed, out of the box ■ High-performance encryption provided best IPSec bandwidth client had ever seen ■ Automated Terraform scripts enabled infrastructure-as-code implementation ■ Full-coverage, "white glove" service and support As one of the largest and most prominent aerospace and defense companies in the world, Raytheon relies on a strategic cloud network that's secure, fast and flexible. When they first engaged with Aviatrix, Raytheon sought a solution to help overcome significant IPSec performance limitations as they connected on-premise and cloud infrastructures. "Traditional limitations of IPSec and running encrypted traffic from on premise to cloud was a huge bottleneck," says Michael Brown, mechanical engineer at Raytheon. Raytheon was also looking to improve their time-to-market expectations for cloud and spin up a solution quickly and efficiently. From procurement to deploy- ment to finding experts with the right skill sets, "just standing up the appliance in the first place took us literally weeks," Brown said. Brown says that right away, Aviatrix had the vendors they needed, and he and his team could see the Aviatrix difference. "Out of the box, Aviatrix provided a solution that provided the best band- width we've ever seen," he says. "There's nothing that comes close to the Aviatrix bandwidth from an aggregate perspec- tive." While deploying with other vendors typically took weeks, implementing that Aviatrix platform took minutes, with no need to wait on the network, VPC or VNET. Brown also could dedicate one IT staff member to managing the platform instead of the usual 6-7 staff members he would typically assign to the job. With automated Terraform scripts that come standard with the Aviatrix platform, Brown and his team could customize his workspaces and integrate with current solutions in whatever configurations he required. Having access to this infra- structure-as-code capability significantly reduced time-to-delivery. "That's 90% of the reason why I use Aviatrix." In addition to these immediate benefits, Brown adds that Aviatrix provides an ongoing "white glove treatment" level of service and support. He says that he can consistently count on multiple Aviatrix engineers being dedicated to solving issues, often testing live along with his Raytheon team. "I can do what I need to do. The chances of mistakes are almost completely negated," Brown says. "I have an audit trail built in. I can test right away if I need to. I'm not wasting time in a CSP platform trying to see what's going on." Raytheon Maximizes Bandwidth, Drastically Reduces Cloud Time-to-Delivery Times C A S E S T U D Y CUSTOMER: Michael Brown, Mechanical Engineer INDUSTRY: Aerospace and Defense COMPANY: One of the largest aerospace and intelligence service providers in the world, working closely with the Department of Defense and other related agencies © 2022 Aviatrix, Inc.

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