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C A S E S T U D Y © 2021 Aviatrix, Inc. Challenge ■ Needed seamless Internet egress controls for all cloud environments to meet PCI compliance regulations and corporate security policies ■ Reached limits on number of BGP routes supported in cloud network, preventing the company from being able to add new customers ■ Automation required to meet time- to-market and customer on-boarding agility requirements Solution ■ Aviatrix's Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) Egress Filtering solution was easy to deploy and met Internet egress control requirement ■ Aviatrix Transit networking worked "flawlessly" to create an automated, repeatable cloud network design, with no route table limitations ■ Aviatrix Terraform provider for infra- structure-as-code automation reduced time-to-market, streamlined customer on-boarding and improved security posture Lumin Digital, a financial services business providing white label banking solutions for credit unions and banks, first engaged with Aviatrix when they needed to meet PCI Compliance regulations for Internet Egress. Lumin Digital Staff Site Reliability Engineer Aaron Mell sought a solution that would make implementing egress controls in all environments a seamless and secure process. When Mell discovered Aviatrix's FQDN Egress Filtering solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, he instantly appreciated how easy it was to deploy and test. The POC for the product went quickly, and it fully solved their challenge. Mell engaged Aviatrix again when he faced enterprise scale cloud net- working challenges. Because Lumin Digital connects each of their financial solutions directly into their customer's environments, they must establish secure connections between customers and their AWS cloud environments. Their existing architecture used Cisco CSR routers and AWS native networking services. This design limited the number of BGP routes that Lumin Digital could advertise over the network. "We couldn't add customers because we were at the maximum number of BGP routes," Mell says. Mell considered the AWS Transit Gateway but decided it would not deliver an improvement over their current architec- ture. So, Lumin Digital deployed Aviatrix Transit, which only required a couple of phone calls with his Aviatrix team. Aviatrix's Terraform Provider was a major draw for Mell as his team was already using Terraform extensively for infrastruc- ture and application automation. Aside from reducing manual effort, Mell says that Terraform helps reduce errors that arise when different team members build dozens of VPCs, each with different secu- rity policies and networking requirements. "It's easy to miss a step," he says. "That causes pain, because you have to spend time troubleshooting something that doesn't work as expected." Mell says that he's had very few issues with the Aviatrix Transit's networking. "It's worked flawlessly," he says. In edge cases where he has needed help, Aviatrix's ser- vice team has been highly responsive. "They'll jump on a call with you, over email or whatever it takes to work through the issue you're having," Mell says. "That to me is what really sells the product, because networking can just be compli- cated sometimes. It's nice to have experts on your side." CUSTOMER: Aaron Mell, Staff Site Reliability Engineer INDUSTRY: Financial Service COMPANY: White label online banking solution whose customers include credit unions and banks Lumin Digital Secures and Automates Cloud Networking in AWS with Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform

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