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Executive Summary The Aviatrix Firewall Network Service (FireNet) allows enterprises to bring firewall solutions to the public cloud and easily integrate with cloud-native constructs. Aviatrix FireNet supports the Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) for inspection of all, or specified, traffic flows with a zero-trust policy-based model. It provides complete orchestration and control with maximum performance and scale- out architecture, while providing the high performance demanded by enterprises. Challenges Implementing and operationalizing any NGFW in a public cloud can be challenging for organizations, not because of the NGFW itself, but because of networking restrictions, lack of centralized architecture, and complex operating models. Understanding cloud networking limitations to ensure a successfully designed and maintained NFGW deployment in the cloud is not a small task. It comes with performance, scale, and visibility trade-offs that must be tackled for enterprise security needs. Organizations are also challenged by the lack of visibility that creates blind spots. Moreover, operationalizing the NGFW in the public cloud without familiar tools, Day-2 operations best practices, and consistent security polices for compliance and audit is another hurdle faced by single- or multi-cloud enterprises. Solution Description Aviatrix and Fortinet partnered to deliver an industry-leading security solution to address the above challenges. The integration of the Aviatrix platform and FortiGate virtual machines (VMs) is enabled through the Fortinet Fabric-Ready Partner Program in the Fortinet Open Fabric Ecosystem. It delivers a framework to successfully insert FortiGate NGFWs in single or multiple clouds by eliminating all the complexities, blind spots, and trade-offs. The partnership ensures a smooth transition and adoption for existing and new customers to protect cloud and on- premises applications. Fortinet and Aviatrix Cloud Security Solution Enhance Application Security With Advanced Cloud Networking, Visibility, and Control in the Public Cloud SOLUTION BRIEF Solution Components n Fortinet FortiGate Next- Generation Firewall n Aviatrix secure cloud network platform Solution Benefits n Simplicity with cost optimization for single and multi-cloud architectures n Automation and orchestration n Maximize scale with high- performance encryption n Visibility, troubleshooting, and compliance n Self-healing with zero-trust policy-based model n Enhanced app security with east-west, north-south, egress traffic inspection Solution Components The Aviatrix platform is deployed under an organization's public cloud accounts, subscriptions, and projects. This ensures that enterprises have complete control, compliance, and visibility with dedicated cloud-native instances and services. The Aviatrix platform comprises three products: Aviatrix Controller: The controller is deployed as an instance (VM) from the public cloud marketplace. It provides centralized and cloud-agnostic control, management, and automation plane. 1

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